Any press interested in covering HEROES & VILLAINS should consider the following:

Press credentials are for professional reporters and media outlets that accompany a significant national, local, or genre specific exposure.
We will review your application and may contact you to further discuss the nature of your coverage.
Web sites must be previously established and updated regularly with original and current news.

We provide two types of press badges: Convention Coverage and Interviews Permitted. To be considered for credentials that also permit celebrity guest interviews, you must provide links to previously published/relevant interviews.

Press credentials will not be approved if you are:
- Convention photographers not associated with a media outlet
- Bloggers and/or Podcasters with limited distribution
- Freelance writers from unqualified media outlets

Application Deadline: Applications must be received no later than 30 days before the event to be considered. If your outlet has a significant reach, always feel free to contact presse(at)

HEROES & VILLAINS is a convention for fans, by fans. We welcome the media to be a part of our conventions, but we are not a media convention. HEROES & VILLAINS Media Relations are here to help facilitate coverage for your outlet, but our policies are to ensure that our guests have the best interactions possible with the fans.

For press/media inquiries contact presse(at)
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