1. All VIP tickets for HEROES & VILLAINS are personalised. 

2. Only the person named on the ticket shall be admitted .

3. A Photo-ID is required to gain access to the event. 

4. When several VIP-tickets are bought, admission is granted to persons other than the buyer only if they are accompanied by the buyer. A maximum of 4 tickets can be purchased.

5. The maximum amount of VIP-tickets available for purchase for this event is strictly limited to four (4). Regardless of the number of purchases one can only buy the maximum number of tickets per person, which is four (4). Attempts to purchase more than the allowed number of tickets (including but not limited to using different e-mail accounts, different addresses, different methods of payment) are strictly prohibited.

6. Commercial reselling is prohibited – Access authorisation may be transferred to persons only on condition that said persons do not pay a price which is higher than the price stated on the ticket, plus a proportional share of delivery charges and insurance fees paid, that they assume the rights and obligations according to the event attendance agreement – including the prohibition of resale and that the ticket(s) will need to be re-personalized. Please contact info(at) for further details on re-personalization of ticket(s). Additional charges may apply. 

7. In case of any breach of paragraph 5. and/or 6. we reserve the right to cancel all purchased tickets by refunding the ticket purchasee price excluding any service and insurance fees and excluding any additional charges for postage and to refuse entry to the purchaser. In case of repeated breaches of paragraph 5. and/or 6. we reserve the right to cancel all purchased tickets without refunds.

8. Tickets reported lost, stolen or have been resold at a higher price will be cancelled. The right to cancel is reserved in the event of any breach of the above rules
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