Below are the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Accessibility Services that we receive. If your question is not addressed here, please email us at info(at)heroesfanfest.de and we’ll try to respond within 48 hours.

HEROES & VILLAINS is proud to be accessible to attendees with just about any type of need. Anything from difficulty standing for long periods of time, to vision or hearing needs, to Autism or other mental health needs can be handled by our department. Even temporary disabilities, such as broken legs or late-term pregnancy, are included here. There are specific plans for each type of need, so please email info(at)heroesfanfest.de to find out more.

Yes! We are happy to provide sign language interpreters at all of our events. We can also help meet other needs, such as transliteration or tactile signing. Please email info(at)heroesfanfest.de to request interpreters or other needs.

No proof of need is asked for or required by HEROES & VILLAINS, with the exception that you need to present your disability ID-card with your B-status if you require free admission for your caregiver. We may ask questions about your needs to help you find the best accommodation plan, but any information you give us will be kept confidential. This allows us to protect your privacy, as well as make sure that we’re able to help everyone to the best of our abilities.
Please note- special charity requests may require validation before being granted. More information on those can be obtained by emailing info(at)heroesfanfest.de.

Yes! We ensure that our venues are wheelchair-accessible, as well as accessible to other needs. If you are concerned about certain triggers, such as smoke effects, strobe lighting, or gunfire, please email info(at)heroesfanfest.de to find out details. Keep in mind that this is a zombie and horror convention, so some triggers cannot be prevented. We are always happy to provide as much information as you need to prepare, however.

Yes! We do provide a Quiet Room onsite at every show. This is a private area that is reserved for anyone who needs a break from the crowds. It is free to use, and open during the same hours as the convention. It is staffed by Accessibility Services team members. Sensory and calming objects will be available for use. There is no food or drink allowed in the room, except for immediate medical needs.
This room can also be used for administering medication, breast-feeding, or special feeding needs. It is not available as a changing room or a play room for young children. All attendees in the room are expected to keep noise to a minimum.

HEROES & VILLAINS does not offer specific tickets for those with disabilities but we offer free admission for caregivers if your disability ID-card includes a B-status. If your disability ID-card does not include a B-status your caregiver needs to purchase a ticket. All of our accommodations are free for use onsite. There is never an additional fee charged for use of any Accessibility Services program. Those with disabilities can enjoy full access to the convention, just like any other attendee. This includes the purchasing of autographs and photo ops, as well as attendance at the Q&A panels.
Each attendee with a disability can designate one person as their Personal Aide. This person will receive a special sticker on their badge, and will be allowed to accompany the attendee with a disability through all lines and panels. This is true even if the attendee with a disability has a VIP or higher pass. This is limited to one person per attendee with a disability. For more information on this, please email info(at)heroesfanfest.de.

Yes! HEROES & VILLAINS believes in the power of friendship. Attendees with a disability can bring two (2) other people (including a caregiver) through non-presold autograph lines with them. All attendees must have the same admission pass, or be a caregiver with a Personal Aide disability access pass, in order to remain together. The total number of people in the group must be reported when the attendee comes to the accessibility services booth at the convention, and cannot be changed throughout the weekend.
For presold lines: attendees with a disability who have a presale ticket may only bring one (1) person through the line with them. This person MUST have a Personal Aide disability access pass in order to enter the line, and cannot purchase their own autograph from the actor. Please note- the disability access pass does not allow an attendee with a disability to enter a presold line without an autograph ticket.
Any questions on the group policy can be sent to info(at)heroesfanfest.de.

Yes! Service animals are always welcome at HEROES & VILLAINS. In compliance with ADA law, service animals must be dogs or miniature horses.
Identification of the animal as a service animal is required to be worn or shown. Service animals in training are allowed, as long as they are on-task and do not interfere with the work of any other service animal.
Emotional Support Animals (ESAs) are unfortunately not allowed at Fan Fest events due to the risks they may pose to trained service animals. Any questions about service or emotional support animals may be sent to info(at)heroesfanfest.de.

Any other questions can be sent to info(at)heroesfanfest.de. We try to answer all questions within 2 working days, so please allow time for us to reply.

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